Saturday, April 07, 2012

Aging Parents

It sucks watching your parents get old! Watching them slowly lose all their independence. First Mom lost the love of her life, five years ago... My Dad. Then left her 2nd love behind, probably for good, Florida. Lost her privacy 2 years ago when she moved in with me and my family. Has lost a lot of her vision, hearing and balance which has affected her ability to drive. Now she has to rely almost completely on others to do simple things that we all take for granted. Like cooking, doing her own laundry (laundry machine is downstairs and she can't do stairs anymore) or running to the Dollar Store or over to Wal-Mart.

Mom says we all treat her like a child. I know that I do... but how do I not? I have no clue how this works... I have so many legitimate worries and concerns about her driving and cooking on a gas stove etc but to her they are unfair. Mom and I have always been close but I feel like I'm losing her a little bit every day. I know my fuse is short and I know I have to figure out how to lengthen it. She won't be here forever and I don't want her ticked off at me when she goes...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family Vacation

As I reflect back over the past few days, I am overjoyed at the opportunity that was afforded me and my little family to go on a family vacation. I believe this is the first REAL vacation we have been on since my boys are old enough to really enjoy and remember. Who could've guessed that 2 nights and 3 days could be loaded with so much fun!

First was the 6 1/2 hour drive to San Diego from St George! We rented a compact car to drive over and when we went to pick up the rental Friday night the young man working at the desk advised me that he had just given his last "car" away to the client who had just came before me. We reserved the smallest/cheapest car available. Unfortunately for the rental agency the only vehicle available was a sweet, Chrysler Town & Country Minivan! Yep... got it for $19 per day! Woot! We left before daylight on Saturday and as planned were walking on the sandy shore of Mission Beach by lunchtime! I didn't realize how much I had missed the ocean until I saw it. There is nothing more beautiful and awe inspiring than the beauty of the ocean... in my opinion. When I am staring out over the surf I am reminded of how small I am in the grand scheme of things. God has created for us the most beautiful world. How blessed I feel to be able to witness it on a daily basis.

The boys and the beach... Marky, Marky, Marky. Cloudy and sort of chilly weather did not keep him out of the water! I think he's going to be a beach bum like his Mama! After Mark tested the water and Jacob realized that he didn't cry or die... he followed right behind him. Two wet sandy boys! I love it! After we checked into our downtown hotel we decided to walk down to Petco Park where the Padres play baseball. On the walk down... about 20 blocks... Jacob had us stopping at every restaurant and bar to watch the NFL playoffs... he is a serious Saints fan! No idea where he came up with the Saints... Mom's a Dolphin fan...born in Miami and always a fan. Dad doesn't really have a favorite NFL team. I think it's great though. Anyways we had a great time hanging out downtown. The whole downtown vibe was so awesome! I really miss that... that is something I really miss from Orlando and Dallas and Cincinnati is that downtown atmosphere! And downtown SD is so nice and very clean!

Sunday we went to the zoo and then over to the USS Midway late in the afternoon! It was a terrific vacation. Probably the first real vacation we've been on as a family! I know... hard to believe with me being a travel agent... but it's true. We used to go to Disney and Universal and Sea World all the time when we lived in Orlando but they were too little to remember! In Cincinnati we has a membership to the zoo but again... their memories of it are very vague. This was a great vacation and we are really looking forward to doing it again soon!